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Thomas has competed for many years on the roads and fells of Yorkshire. Most injuries are preventable and with analysis of the body as a whole to determine contributing causes and an objective analysis of any training errors, footwear and running surfaces a firm diagnosis can be made and an individualised return to running can be begun. Common running injuries include sprained ankles, tendinitis, chondromalacia patellae, low back pain, hip pain, plantar fasciitis and so on….
Running on beach
Early intervention is vital to reduce time off running and prevent those niggles becoming full blown injuries.

Treatment involves rooting out the underlying causes as well as symptomatic treatment. A gait analysis will be performed and muscle length, strength, joint range of movement and muscle imbalances will be addressed. Whether you wish to run round the block or complete an iron man our aim is to get you back safely and stronger, this may be through providing a tailored training programme to maintain your fitness while out of your running shoes whether it be aqua jogging, cycling or circuits-whatever takes your fancy. You may even return to running fitter and leaner.

Where possible of course the aim is to keep you in your running shoes (as running is what runners like doing) this is often achieved through a tailored exercise programme alongside regular soft tissue release, joint mobilisation, electrotherapy, taping, muscle energy techniques and stretching.

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