What to expect


Your first appointment will include a thorough assessment through detailed questioning about your symptoms and a physical examination which will involve the physiotherapist assessing many factors including a general and detailed observation, joint range of movement, muscle length, muscle strength, neurological signs, special tests such as ligament tests or diagnostic tests and palpation of the affected and related area.

Following this initial assessment a clinically reasoned diagnosis will be made and explained to you and an appropriate treatment programme devised.  Initial assessments typically last 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Subsequent appointments will reassess progress and through the use of specific and tailored treatment techniques will aim to address your problems. Follow up appointments last 30 minutes.

All information about you will be kept confidential by law.

If you have a back or leg problem please bring a pair of shorts or tracksuit bottoms that can be rolled up, likewise if your problem is neck, back or shoulder related you may be required to remove your top. A sports bra or vest top would be suitable for females.


A few questions to determine that sports massage is safe to perform (no open wounds, allergies to our creams, etc) followed by soft tissue massage and passive stretching to meet your needs.  A session typically lasts 45 minutes.

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